Las Vegas Sign Weddings

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Weddings

You can’t think about Las Vegas without picturing the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Thanks to the cheap wedding packages we offer at Shalimar Wedding Chapel, you can now say your vows in front o this iconic Las Vegas landmark. The sign, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip, has become one of the most sought-after places to get married in Las Vegas, and it is a favorite among the couples we work with. If you want to plan a true Las Vegas wedding, there is no better package to accommodate you.

The History of the Las Vegas Sign

The famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was developed in 1959, and since then, it has become a symbol of the Las Vegas Strip. Betty Willis, the designer, was commissioned to create a sign that was unique in shape, style, and content, and she delivered an image that now resonates with anyone who visits Las Vegas. The design itself was never copyrighted because Willis wanted it to be her gift to the city. That is why you’ll find countless replicas of the 25 foot sign throughout the state of Nevada.

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Fun Facts about the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Turn Your Las Vegas Sign Wedding into a Total Adventure

Why stop at a simple set of photos in front of the Las Vegas sign when you could have a photo tour of the entire city? Shalimar offers Las Vegas photo tour weddings that highlight some of the most memorable locations in the city. If you want to get even more out of your wedding day, you could look into a Las Vegas helicopter wedding, where you and your guests will fly over the Strip on your big day. Contact us at 702-382-7372 for a free consultation so you can choose the perfect package for your Las Vegas wedding!

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